Getting A License

The biggest question we get asked is  "do I need a license to ride a scooter" Whilst the answer is a little complicated getting a license is not.

The great news is if you currently have a car license known as a C class you can ride a Moped / 50cc Scooter without any need for aquiring another license class. However its important to look at the big picture and find a scooter that suits your needs (Read Our Guide on Choosing A Scooter). then obtain the required license.

Its also important to note the differences if a scooter license is your first license or wether you already hold a license such as a C class car license. We have a FAQ at the bottom of the page worth checking out.

Now lets break it all down a little further, Motorcycle / Scooter licenses are known as a R class and under the R class license there are 5 different classifications that highlight the restrictions that apply to each.


RN  Allows you to ride a Moped or scooter with an engine that does not exceed 50cc

If you hold a car license you don’t need to obtain this license you are legally able to ride a Moped /50cc scooter. For those starting out you need to obtain a learners permit which can be done 15 years and 6 months old. You can not do the practical test till 16 but then you can complete the practical and ride unaccompanied on P plates.

RE-A The RE-A license is the correct license for an automatic scooter up to 660cc this covers 95% of all scooters as they are predominately all automatic Twist and Go and means you don’t have to learn clutch and gearsTo obtain this license you will need to do your learners permit and sit a practical test.

RE  Still covered by the LAMS license this will allow you to ride any motorcycle up to 660cc with clutch and gears. Should you opt to go down this path then you can ride either manual or Automatic scooter or motorcycle. As with the REA you will need to obtain a learners permit and complete a practical test.

RA This is the open class automatic Motorcycle / scooter license there are very few scooters that will require you to have this license.

R Full open class allows manual and automatic 


Three Steps To Getting A license 

When applying for a license you are in one of two catougries which have very diffrent paths to obtaining a license

1. Novice Driver, In accordance with the Road Traffic Act 2008, “a person is a novice driver unless the person has, for the period of at least 2 years or periods adding up to at least 2 years, held an Australian driver’s licence. 

For novice drivers please click here for more information.

2, Exsisting Licence Holders Seeking Authorisation to Drive an Additional Class of Vehicle

The graduated system recognises prior learning and experience. This means that some components (for example hazard perception testing or completing a log book) may not be required in order to obtain authorisation to drive an R class vehicle. At present, drivers authorised to drive C class vehicles are automatically eligible to ride mopeds (R-N) even though it may not be displayed on the driver’s licence. Drivers who are authorised to drive C class vehicles can also apply for the authorisation to drive an R class vehicle with an E condition as shown below:

                   1.  Obtain A learners permit by attending any dept of transport licensing centers and undergoing a                              35 question test costs are around $80 and includes one practical assesment.

                    2. Learn to Ride, This is normally done with a qualified instructor who will show you everything you                            need so as you can safely ride and develop the skills to pass the test. You may also ride with                                another rider who has held their license for a period of 4 years or more.

                   3.When you and your instructor feel you are ready make a booking with department of transport for                          your practical assesment. Pass this and your up and running.