SYM scoota

SYM are one of the largest scoota manufacturers in the world and are based in Taiwan. Founded in 1961, SYM has enjoyed incredible success worldwide, has quality accredited factories, 2,400 employees and manufactures over 2,500 scootas a day!

Today the scooter range from the sporty Jet 4 2 stroke moped to the European inspired Classic 125cc and 200cc all the way up to the 400cc MaxSym 400 and everything in between.

We have a selcet range of SYM scooters and mopeds in stock currently with access to the complete line up so please call us on 0894334613 or e-mail if you are looking for a particular model.



50cc Moped.
Ride on a car license.
4 stroke fuel injected engine.
Low seat height.
Light weight.
LED tail light and indicators.



50cc 4 Stroke moped!
Ride on a car or moped license.
3 Colour options
2 years warranty.


Anti-Theft switch.
12 inch wheels.
Perfect commuter.



125cc 4 stroke.
Europen styling.
Anti-Theft switch.



European styling.
Anti-Theft switch.


16 Inch wheels.
CBS - Combines Braking System.
LED tail and side lights.
Anti-Theft switch.



Maxi Scooter.
ABS brakes.
Long range tank.
LED tail lights.
Awesome styling.


400cc Maxi Scooter.
ABS brakes.
LED tailights.