Choosing The Right Scooter

So you know Scooters can offer you a better way to commute are going to save you money and time as well as being a whole heap of fun. But were do you start, what license do you need, lets see if we can clarify the myths around it all.

Firstly lets take a look at the different capacity scooters, what they can offer and what you need in the way of a license. 

The Moped

Is a Moped different to a scooter you bet. As roads get more congested more and more people are ditching the second car and taking on a scooter / moped.

 A moped is defined as a motorcycle that is designed with an engine capacity not greater than 50cc.

Benefits of a Moped are cheap registration and insurance, incredible fuel economy, easy and free to park in most city areas. Mopeds can be ridden on a standard car license or at 15 and 6 months you are able to obtain a learners permit, read our article here on getting a license for all the info.

Now you know a little more about mopeds have a think about where and how you would use one ie what roads do you commute on. All our 50cc Mopeds are fully automatic twist and go scooters that are very easy to ride.


125cc -150cc Scooters

Whilst the majority of mopeds we just spoke about are 2 stroke engines most of the 125cc -150cc range are 4 stroke engines and packed with many features such as fuel injection, built in immobilizer and more.

Aimed at the commuter or rider who has greater distances to cover the 125cc -150cc capacity scooters have the ability to travel comfortably at speeds of between 85 and 90 kmh with bursts up to 100+. You could travel short distances such as 3 or 4 exits on the freeway comfortably.

The Majority of these scooters are still automatic twist and go and remain nice and light around the 110 -120kg.


250cc and Above

The 250cc and above open up a new world of travel with no limitations, easily travel on freeways and highways with plenty of power for overtaking. Best of all you still have all the benefits of lightweight around 130 kgs while maintaing the fully automatic twist and go transmission.

Features include 4 stroke fuel injected engine, Long service intervals