Staying Dry

The Art of Staying Dry and Warm There is a Way

Scooters are awsome in the wet and provide far more protection than a motorcycle. Ive actually started to enjoy the ride when its wet and wild, not sure if thats normall. The last two weeks have been pretty wet and it got me thinking about the different gear and tricks that make all the difference. Here are a few of my favourite bits of gear. Please share yours by leaving a comment.

1. Having two pairs of good quality winter gloves that way if they get wet you can leave one pair at home drying, also found that under the seat of your scooter is a great drying room as the heat from the engine warms up nicely. A good pair of winter gloves also will have a method for wiping your visor, this is normally felt or a wiper on the index finger. If all your gloves are wet get hold of some disposable surgical gloves they are great undergloves to keep out the wet and stop a bit more wind. Recently rode the himalayers and these were a must have.

2. Rainex or a good quality antifog on the visor. Rainex is a commercially available product and will help dispell water from your visor and helps prevent fogging.

3. Neck Warmer or Balaclava, lets face rain hurts when your travelling at 70 kmh and any exposed skin gets cold real quick so a quality neck warmer that covers your ears nose mouth and neck will soon become one of your favourite possesions.

4. Light weight wet weather jacket and pants. These speak for them selves the right ones will roll up nice and small so they fit under the seat. See our new Nelson Rigg Gear 

5. Dry Rag for the dreaded wet seat i always keep a small towel in the glove box to dry the seat makes a huge difference, for vespa riders you also have a seat cover under your seat.

6. Spare Shoes under the seat or a good pair of boots while scooters are great for staying dry wet shoes just arent cool so i always have my MC boots when it wet or have a spare pair of shoes under the seat. 





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