The Grip-Lock is by far the easiest to use lock that we sell, its light, its compact and means you don't have to carry around a big heavy chain or get covered in road grime like when using a disc lock.

If i'm out and about on my scooter mine is always in the glove box and ready to use.
Available in bright colours, the brighter the better i'm a fan of the yellow, its a visible deterrent on the handlebars of your Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilila scooter and much better than a disc lock as you cant miss it!

The Grip-Lock itself has hardened steel rods running through a reinforced nylon housing and a long life key lock, its simple to use you just park your scooter or motorcycle and put your steering lock on then the Grip-Lock fits over your right handle bar and pulls your front brake on, lock it with the key and away you go.

Its nice and easy to carry aroud too, it fits perfect in most scooter glove boxes or even a pocket.
Best of all there is no way of you missing the lock or riding away with it on like I have done in the past with disc locks.
In stock right now and for $79.95 no scooter or motorcycle should be without one.
Order on line now by clicking here!

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