Which Scooter should you choose

Before you choose a scooter its important to decide what you want to get out of your scooter. For example are you intending to just work on a casual basis or are you intending to be a full time proffesional, some other cosiderations are weyher you intend to use the scooter for general commuting as well as work.

The Full time proffesional delivery scooters such as the Kymco Carry 125 offer longer range fuel tanks, upgraded suspension as well as being capable of carrying greater loads than your every day scooter enabeling you to carry two or 3 loads at a time making for a higher earn capacity.

If becoming a delivery rider is more a part time venture there are many options available that can be used with the deliveroo back pack system.This system allows you to carry the goods in a box style backpack, that slips over your shoulders.  The bulk of the weight is actually held by the pillion seat behind the rider.  This system is quite diverse as it allows the rider to choose from quite a range of normal scooters like the popular