10 reasons why you should own a scooter or moped

Thinking of purchasing a scooter or moped? Here’s 10 reasons why we think you should!

1, Ride on a car license – a moped can be ridden on a Western Australian car license with no extra lessons, or learners permit required.

2, Its easy to get your scooter license -  If you want to ride bigger than a moped you need an RE-A license but as scooters are fully automatic learning can be easy and fun, in fact within 3-5 lessons it could be time to book your test and we have a scooter you can use free of charge to get started. Click here for more details.

2, Get freedom and independence from 16 years old – At 16 years old you can apply for your moped license which means you no longer have to rely on mum and dad for lifts and can start gaining road experience for when you get your car.

3, Huge fuel economy – Most scooters and mopeds can travel over 200 K’s per tank of fuel which can be as low as $8 to fill. With a train ticket to Perth from Fremantle $4.20 you can be saving money from day 1!

4, Low rego costs – 12 month rego on a moped is less than $130!

5, Free parking – Both scooters and mopeds can be parked for free in the city, suburbs and even at the beach! Designated scooter bays are everywhere and there are plenty of secure car parks that offer heavily discounted spaces for scooters and mopeds too. For a run down of all the places check out our Parking App review here.

6, Heaps of storage space - all of our scooters and mopeds have storage space under the seat that will fit most open face helmets so you don’t have to carry it with you all day or leave it dangerously unsecured and you have storage for bags, groceries, gym kit and anything else you need to carry. Great for the winter when you need to carry waterproofs too.

7, Loads of accessories and customisable parts available -  whether you’re looking for a chrome laden Vespa or extra storage space with a top box the list of scooter and moped accessories is endless and you can make whatever you ride stand out from the crowd.

8, Brand new mopeds start from $2390 Ride Away – Not only are running costs low getting on the road doesn’t break the bank either with a brand new Piaggio Zip 50 only $2390 Ride Away with 6 months rego and 2 years manufacturer’s warranty. Click here to see the model.

9, Scooters have Antilock Braking System – As technology improves so do scooters and the latest range of Vespa’s have ABS brakes and USB chargers as standard, the Vespa GTS 300 actually has traction control as well!

10, you can ride all year round – The way scooters and mopeds are designed to include a leg shield means riding in the rain is a breeze in fact with the right clothing there is no need to ever leave your scooter or moped at home a light weight jacket will keep the rain and wind off and a good set of gloves will keep you hands warm and dry.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today on 08 9433 4613 and start enjoying all the benefits of being on 2 wheels.