Why wait Financing Your New Scooter means you start saving Now

When you do a comparison between the costs of running a scooter compared to a car or even public transport you soon realise the sooner you get on a scooter the sooner you will start saving. The average 18 km commute around the Perth area costs an average of around $10 in a car compared with a scooter costing just $3.50. Factor in parking, rego and fuel costs then compare to to the repayments on your finance and you soon realise a scooter starts paying for it self quite quickly. 

What does it take to qualify?

Qualifying is easy, The best way is to stop by our shop so we can find a scooter that will suit your needs and fits your budget.

In just a few minutes with a little info provided from you we can provide you with a quote, Once your happy we can submit your application and in most cases have a same day approval.

What are the percentage rates?
Rates vary anywhere from as low as 5.9% to as high as 12.9%. Our team works hard to get you the best rates.

What are monthly payments like?
Since the price of a scooter is often very low (compared to a car) monthly payments can be almost laughable, lower than your phone bill. Monthly rates can have a very large range based on the price of the scooter and the terms of the loan.  The two extremes we have seen are as low as $40 a month to as high as $330 a month, but most customers tend to hover right around $150 a month.  Of course we’re always more than happy to work out whatever best fits your budget.

How long are the loan terms you offer?
Loan terms range anywhere from 6 months to 60 months?

How much should I put down?
If you have a high credit score, then no down payment is required. If you have rocky credit or would like a lower monthly payment, then $500 to $1,000 is usually required.